Hoen-ji Fall Anniversary Sesshin

Friday, October 23, 2020 - 7:00pm - Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 5:00pm
Program fee: 
Sliding scale fee, $75-$150
Online via Zoom

One of the oldest Zen groups in the country, the Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji began on the Syracuse University campus in 1973; its present six-acre home was formally dedicated Oct. 18, 1996, and Shinge Roshi received Dharma Transmission from Eido Shimano Roshi Oct. 18, 1998.

This Zoom sesshin will include zazen, morning service, a Dharma talk, dokusan and Dharma interviews with Shinge Roshi, Dokuro Osho, and Hokuto Sensei. Off-line time will be built into the schedule for meals, work practice at your homes, and kinhin. After you register, you will receive a schedule with Zoom links before the start of sesshin. While we encourage full-time participation, you may join us for as much as you can. Suggested contribution: $75-$150.

We know that some are struggling financially, and we want to make these offerings available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. If you can afford more, please consider giving at a higher level to help others. Your support is so important at this time, when we have no income from our usual in-person programming. Please help us continue our Dharma work.

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