Zendo Procedure

Welcome! Our zendo is open to all. Please click here if this is your first visit. Below are some brief guidelines.

Before coming to the Zendo

  • Attire should be clean, dignified, and low-key (leave shorts, tank tops, distracting patterns or colors, and skin-tight clothing at home).
  • Avoid wearing perfume, aftershave, or other fragrances.
  • Arrive early, allowing enough time to transition to the dynamic stillness of the zendo.
  • If you do bring food to the Zen Center at any time, please be sure it's vegetarian.

Once you're there...

  • Silence your cell phone.
  • Leave any valuables in the changing room, not in the zendo entryway.
  • Remove watches and noisy jewelry before entering the zendo.
  • Observe silence. Moving during zazen not only disturbs others, it hinders your concentration and creates more discomfort.
  • Participate! You’ll find that the more you give yourself to the practice, the deeper your understanding grows.