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Dokusan are private meetings with Shinge Roshi and are offered to her students during regularly scheduled zazen periods on the second and fourth week of every month and by appointment.

During Zazen, 2nd and 4th weeks of every month

Tibetan Practice

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Every Saturday starting at 10:00 am (new comers at 9:45am), Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhist practice in the Gelugpa lineage is conducted at the Zen Center. Dharma Study is offered on the first Saturday of the month, immediately following the service. The format of the practice, which is centered on the Heart Sutra, was designed by the renowned Tibetan teacher Domo Geshe Rinpoche, and began in April, 1997. It is led by Andy Hassinger, a student of Domo Geshe Rinpoche for 28 years. Read more »

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