The Zen Center Needs You!

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The Zen Center needs your skills and talents and some of your time! Our wonderful temple, grounds, buildings and programs are run by dedicated volunteers and our residents, and we can always use more help. In addition to your regular presence in the zendo, participating in Sunday morning samu (work) practice, and financial donations, there are many other ways to support the Zen Center by volunteering your time and talents for one or more of our committees and teams. Please contact the person listed with each committee below to learn more and see how you might contribute in small (or large) ways to the following:

  • Program/Event Committee Contact Jikyo Bonne Shoultz. This committee prepares, hosts, serves and cleans up at events such as our Open House, New Year’s Celebration or Buddha’s birthday, for example. If you haven’t much time to volunteer, this is a good way to help, as the tasks are limited in scope and time commitment. We are also seeking a person with graphic design and/or social media skills who can create attractive posters and materials to publicize our events online, on our bulletin boards and out in the community.
  • Outdoor Grounds Team Contact Myorin Catherine Landis. This team is most active during spring and summer. Activities include watering, weeding, mowing, tending plants and young trees. After receiving instruction on guidelines for grounds maintenance, you can set your own schedule for working on the tasks.
  • Building & Maintenance Team Contact Daigan David Arnold. This team organizes small repairs, light carpentry, painting and many other small maintenance tasks on our historic homes and carriage house zendo. If you are handy, this is a good way to help!
  • Library Team Contact Christine Lane. This team processes donations to the library on the Forman House third floor, re-shelves and organizes the books, and keeps track of books lent out.
  • Development Committee Contact Fugan Sam Gordon. This committee meets quarterly to do long-range planning for activities and programs to maintain a vibrant and sustainable sangha in our community.

Is there some other way you might help that is not listed? Contact Jikyo Bonnie Shoultz to discuss it.