Membership at the Zen Center of Syracuse, Hoen-ji

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All are welcome to practice at the Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji. Newcomers are provided with instruction on Thursday evenings; they should arrive by 5:30 p.m. The suggested donation for non-members is $5 each visit. The orientation given is enough to initiate the zazen (sitting meditation) experience. In addition, the introductory course, Deep Presence, taught twice a year by Shinge Roshi, is most helpful. We encourage you to attend this course when your schedule permits.


To become a provisional member, a student must practice sincerely and consistently, attending zazen at the center at least once a week, and plan to attend at a three-day sesshin at Hoen-ji or a week-long sesshin at Dai Bosatsu Zendo.

Inherent to a commitment to practice is commitment to sangha. Members give of themselves through their time, talents, and financial support, as able. The first step in this process is the filing of a Sangha Membership Form. This registers you as a provisional member. Please fill out this form and either attach it to an e-mail to the Zen Center at or mail to:

Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji
266 W Seneca Turnpike
Syracuse, NY 13207

The level of Membership Support is at least $10 per month for every $10,000 of annual income or as your current situation allows. Using the membership support page, you may adjust your amount at any time in accordance with your circumstances.

Provisional members may request to become students of Shinge Roshi. With this step, they enter into the student/teacher relationship, with Dokusan (private meetings with Shinge Roshi) at the heart of practice. Formal entry into this student/teacher relationship is made with a shoken (incense) offering at the first dokusan. This should be arranged with the Inji (Roshi's attendant) in advance.

Dokusan is offered to all students on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month when Shinge Roshi is in town.


A student is welcomed as a full member upon completion of the first three-day Sesshin at Hoen-ji. A brief full member ceremony before the close of Sesshin is formal recognition of this level of commitment.

If physical restrictions are a factor, a provisional member may request to become a full member by attending at least the last day of sesshin.

Full members receive reduced rates for Sesshins (at DBZ, as well) and classes offered at Hoen-ji.

Any further inquiries concerning Membership may be directed to:

Jika Lauren Melnikow
Membership Chairman