Roshi's 70th Birthday Celebration

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All are invited to celebrate Roshi's 70th Birthday!

Festivities will include:

  • Performance by Etse Nyadedzor's drumming and dancing troupe. Members of Dharma Kids are invited to participate in a special lesson with Etse after the performance.
  • Pot luck dinner
  • Calligraphy energy portrait of Roshi gift presentation (created by Alok Hsu Kwang-han)
  • Cake

This event is part of a 2-Day celebration.

  • October 5 (Sat) : Birthday Celebration
  • October 6 (Sun) : All-Day Sit

Registration for the All-Day Sit is now closed.

Birthday Donations

Many have already contributed to the purchase of Roshi's birthday gift, a calligraphic energy portrait by Alok Hsu Kwang-han. Roshi has requested that in lieu of personal gifts, any further donations go toward the construction of a bamboo fence and Torii gate that will be built between the parking lot and the tsukubai and pond. This gate will become the entryway to Hoen-ji's Garden of Serenity.

Donations to the Zen Center in honor of Roshi's birthday can be made onine by clicking the Donate button below, or by sending a check to:

Zen Center of Syracuse

266 West Seneca Turnpike

Syracuse, NY 13207-2639

Roshi says the best birthday gift of all is your presence at Fall Sesshin! Click here for more information on Fall sesshin.

Sat, Oct 5, 2013 - 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Program fee: