Deep Presence

Deep Presence: An Introduction to Meditation

This course in the cultivation of mindfulness is offered regularly at the Zen Center (about four times a year). Six evening classes include meditation instruction and practice, group discussion, and light refreshments.

About the Class

Anxiety about the economy, world events, job-related stress, and family issues can take a toll on our physical and mental health. We may not be able to control our outer circumstances, but we can develop inner peace and resilience.

The class includes instruction in sitting and walking meditation with an awareness of breath and posture, helping participants to enter into deep relaxation. Group discussion focuses on how we can break free of old patterns and cultivate our innate wisdom and compassion, no matter how difficult the circumstances of our lives.

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About the Instructor:

Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi was born in Brooklyn in 1943. Her father, Leonard Corlan, was killed during World War II. Her mother later married sculptor Maxwell Chayat and the family moved to rural New Jersey. Sherry studied Buddhism on her own during the early 1960's, while pursuing a degree in creative writing at Vassar College and doing graduate work in painting at the New York Studio School. Read more...