A New Jukai Class Forming

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Sogen Yamakawa Roshi once spoke about the terms daihi and daiji: to take away others' pain and to bring others happiness. When we live by daihi and daiji, we are no longer being held hostage by the idea of a separate self. This is the true meaning of taking the transformative step of Jukai. Read more »

Sun, Jun 1, 2014 - 3:59am

Conscious Stress Reduction

This course is offered several times a year. Eight evening classes consist of training, practice, and discussion. Additionally, one-hour individual sessions may be scheduled to set specific goals and respond to individual needs. 

The fee is $200, and includes 4 CDs and a workbook. The fee for optional individual sessions is: sliding scale ($50-$90) for non-members, $50 for members. Please register by contacting the instructor by phone or email. Arrangements for payment may be made with Dr. Cross directly.

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Course teaching resilience through meditation and mindfulness training

Deep Presence

How often are we really present for what is happening in any one moment? Distractibility interferes with our ability to listen, to focus, to respond, and to feel fully alive. This course in the cultivation of attention without tension is offered regularly at the Zen Center, taught by Shinge Roshi, Roko Sherry Chayat. Six evening classes include meditation instruction and practice, group discussion, and light refreshments. 

The fee is $125; a reduced rate of $85 is available for students, seniors, and those with limited income.

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Introduction to meditation course

Residential Training at Hoen-ji

The purpose of residential training is to establish stability of practice for the community. In order to do that, we make a sustained, wholehearted commitment to practice. We each support and encourage each other in our training, and by taking responsibility for ourselves, we can extend this to the community and world at large. We work to maintain and sustain an atmosphere of training during our time here. Read more »

Resident program; On-going
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